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Black history month celebration of diversity and African culture pride as a multi cultural

Programs & Services

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 Searching Service 

We understand how difficult it can be to find clinical trials that fit your specific health needs. That's why Diverse Research Now is here to help. We dedicate our time and resources to finding suitable trials so everyone has the opportunity to participate in advancing healthcare.

Let Us Find a Clinical For You!


 The Safe Space Program 

Diverse Research Now is committed to providing a safe space to discuss the basics of clinical trials with participants and their families.  Here in this space you will be informed about how clinical trials work separate from the researchers that might be recruiting you.  We are removing the bias so that you can be free to make an informed decision about your participation in a clinical trial.  Our goal is to answer all questions you might have about clinical trials.

diverse business people, diverse people, diverse woman, diverse research now
Study Buddy Program, diverse people, diverse woman, diverse research now


 The Study Buddy Program 

Diverse Research Now started the study buddy program to empower you as the clinical trial participant.  We are ready to walk with you through the clinical trial experience one visit at a time.  We offer to attend any or all clinical trial visits with you and your family on your behalf as an advocate and expert in clinical trials.

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